Tuesday, 31 March 2015

POTCH DRIFT SPIN-OFF (Official Coverage)

This past weekend, MaftownsDopest did the official coverage of the Potch-Drift spin event that took place at Zerabi Lodge. On arrival, we knew we were in for a jam packed day as the crowd and spinners steadily flowed in. Spinning kicked off just after 12 with the likes of The General (Botswana), Shanston and Stacey being the first to try out the pitch. Within a few hours all the spinners had a go and the spinning continued throughout the day with the occasional break to clean the spinning field up. The event also boasted a show and shine as well as a sound competition where the winners were later awarded at the ceremony held on the pitch. Some great cars were on display, with some serious sound cars testing on the meter. Entertainment was provided by the DJ who played throughout the day and hosting a danceoff towards the end of the event. There was plenty of food stalls for all the hungry patrons and after the show there was a packed after party at the venue. A big thanks from PotchDrift to all their sponsors. The event was a success and we're definitely looking forward to the next.

Enjoy some of the pictures from the event. For the video, please go onto the "Maftowns Dopest" Facebook page or YouTube channel.