Wednesday, 10 September 2014


On Saturday the 6th of September, Denovo Forklifts (Veejaro's sponsor) as well as Veejaro himself held a show of epic proportions. The show was held in Alberton at the well known Wheelz and Smoke Area. The day kicked off with sunny and clear skies and of course, smoke filling the air complimented by the sound of roaring motors, the majority of which came from the E30s but there were some surprises such as a Toyota 86 and a heavily boosted Nissan bakkie. There was a massive lineup to keep the crowds entertained with a variety of spinners from all over the country. In between spinning sessions, the djs at 'The Rock Raceway' trailer kept the crowd going and enthused. Veejaro, the birthday boy himself, committed himself to making ample time during running around keeping the show running smoothly to pilot RHB around the pitch for his fans whilst his song 'Sista Bethina' played in the background. By midday, spectators had filled the arena and there was a strong vibe of enjoyment all round. There had been one accident but emergency medical crews were on hand to help and the spinning continued into the night. All in all it was a superb event, one that was definitely worth attending, for those who missed out, fortunately we will be providing online video coverage of the event which will be up on our YouTube and Facebook sites. Thanks to Denovo Forklifts and Veejaro for hosting the event as well as for having us at the show.

Enjoy some of the pictures we took below.