Sunday, 22 February 2015

Mk3 Obsession

Following in the series of shoot we did in Gauteng, the Mk3 Obsession shoot was the next in line after Moe's e30. For this shoot we met up with Kyle Du Toit and Devendran Govender. Upon meeting them at a shopping center around Krugersdorp, I was impressed with how both their cars looked. Both washed and cleaned to perfection despite the threatening overcast weather surrounding us. Needless to say, these two enthusiasts' spirits were not dampened by this, and the shoot went on as planned.

Kyle, owner of the hatchback explains that his passion started out around 2001 when he planed GT2 on Playstation for the first time. He fell to the liking of all sorts of cars and was lucky enough to share a 1275 project Mini with his father later on. Eventually, due to the scarcity of parts, they sold it.

His parents then bought him the Mk3 you see here. Kyle didn't have any desire to modify his car until he saw Leighton Meester's two door Mk3 which i'm sure many of you are familiar with. It was then that he joined forums and groups looking for advice and ideas on how he could transform his car.

The front end of the car received a new set of French Hella dual headlights and dummy fog lights that have been tinted blue. The front bumper has been shaven with a euro aerial and Kyle did some creative euro inspired wrapping on the fender. The car sports a decent audio upgrade but Kyle is looking to improve on his current system in the near future. The interior also received some plaid material on the sub box, roof lining, parcel shelf and door cards.

The rear has been treated to smoked taillights and bumpers have been sprayed the same as the fronts. The car is currently sitting on 7.5J RS Flawless 17 inch wheels which Kyle hopes to swap out with 3 piece splits soon. The stance of the car is courtesy of 60/40 drop springs but Kyle still isn't satisfied with his ride height and will be opting to replace these with coil overs. Mudflaps have also been installed.

Kyle added some touches to the engine bay by renewing all the faded black parts and coated the brake line as well as the brake booster in golf paint but future plans include a full shaved bay. The bay was painted in a nude color paint and Kyle has cleaned up visible parts eg: the alternator and gearbox.

Kyle is far from done with this car and we'll also be keeping an eye on his progress and giving you updates through our Facebook page (Maftowns Dopest)


Devendran is the owner of the Cabrio Mk3 and became friends with Kyle through the passion he has for cars. Devendran tells us that his had a strong passion for cars as far back as he can remember. It was not limited to the VW brand but he explains that its grown to be his favorite despite the problems his encountered whilst owing one.

Devendran has owned the cabriolet for about nine years now and tells us that it's come along way from when he first got it. He wanted an Mk3 cabriolet for a long period of time and after a considerable amount of searching he bought this one. It wasn't in the best of conditions and certainly not where Devendran wanted it to be but he saw it as a blank canvas and an opportunity to work on it to achieve his goal.

Devendran explains it wasn't easy and at times was the cause of arguments with his wife (common problem among car enthusiasts). Luckily Devendran's brother, who owns Audio Conceptz in Kagiso helped along the way with the most significant action being sponsorship and fitment of the sound, and trust me, this car bangs. Its running an in-dash DVD player, Pioneer mids, tweeters and two Targa street subs powered by a Targa 18D amp.

The Cabrio is powered by a 2 litre 8 valve motor controlled by MP9 and has only seen a mild cam being installed.

The exterior has an array of subtle touches. The grille was swapped out for a badge-less one, Mk4 lights with blackened out inserts as well as import side markers were installed. The wheel arches were flared to allow for some tuck and have been painted to match the body. The car, during the time of the shoot sat on a set of BBS reps but has since been changed to TSW Stealths.

The car sits low on a custom drop setup, especially in the front. The car is so low that the car got properly stuck on the speed bump at the entrance of the shopping center we met up at and we almost lost the lip as you can see in the video below.

We would like to thank Devendran and Kyle for taking the time to allow for the shoot. For the short video from the shoot please click the link below.

Friday, 23 January 2015

The Foreign Affair

Its been quite some time since we had a full post and even since longer since we've done any features. As some of you know, this was due to the show we hosted called the MaftownsDopest Spin-Fest. Since the work was all done from the event we decided to head down for a small break in Johannesburg where we were able to do a number of features.

The first feature from the series is the beautiful import e30 you see here belonging to Mohammed Sheik Rassool who is no stranger to the automotive scene in SA. Some of you may know him from the online magazine he runs called 'Car Candy Inc'.

Moe explained that the passion he has for cars started off from the time he was young. As most of us did, he too admired and would dream of owning certain cars one day. He started of with VW due to financial reasons but explains that his true passion has always been for BMW as his father worked there for many years. Moe prefers old school cars over the more modern ones as we're able to see by this e30 and his e12 518 (Shown below).

Before this left hand drive e30, Moe owned another LHD e30 touring which was sold last year. The current e30 however is also as clean as his other cars with low mileage. Its a 320i with an automatic gearbox. Moe knew he wanted an e30 but he wanted his to stand out from the rest and this is how he ended up with an import 320i. To set it apart even more, he lowered the suspension and fitted the car with M5 Throwing Star wheels, apart from those mods the car is completely stock but still looks the part. Future plans for the car include full import indicators and bumpers as well as a very strong N/A motor.

We'd like to thank Moe for taking the time to allow us to feature this car! Its a car that we would definitely do a follow up shoot of in the future.

(Above) Moe's e12.

Below is a link to a short video from the photoshoot.

Youtube: The Foreign Affair Video

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014


On Saturday the 6th of September, Denovo Forklifts (Veejaro's sponsor) as well as Veejaro himself held a show of epic proportions. The show was held in Alberton at the well known Wheelz and Smoke Area. The day kicked off with sunny and clear skies and of course, smoke filling the air complimented by the sound of roaring motors, the majority of which came from the E30s but there were some surprises such as a Toyota 86 and a heavily boosted Nissan bakkie. There was a massive lineup to keep the crowds entertained with a variety of spinners from all over the country. In between spinning sessions, the djs at 'The Rock Raceway' trailer kept the crowd going and enthused. Veejaro, the birthday boy himself, committed himself to making ample time during running around keeping the show running smoothly to pilot RHB around the pitch for his fans whilst his song 'Sista Bethina' played in the background. By midday, spectators had filled the arena and there was a strong vibe of enjoyment all round. There had been one accident but emergency medical crews were on hand to help and the spinning continued into the night. All in all it was a superb event, one that was definitely worth attending, for those who missed out, fortunately we will be providing online video coverage of the event which will be up on our YouTube and Facebook sites. Thanks to Denovo Forklifts and Veejaro for hosting the event as well as for having us at the show.

Enjoy some of the pictures we took below.